Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Infected by the Editing Bug

I edit everything I write. Even my social media posts aren't exempt. Misspellings mentally hurt the worst, but even* redundancy bothers me--especially if I know my writing friends and acquaintances will see it. For example, I wrote an announcement for a sale on a private message board that read "Pleasantly surprise" instead of "Pleasantly surprised," and every time someone congratulated me, I saw my mistake and it prickled deep in the soft meat of my brain. (I fixed it, of course, but not quickly enough). On FB, I might edit my posts as much as four or five times until I get it "right." Forget Tweets! If there's an error, I delete the mother-blanker and start again, regardless of how many hearts it got**.

There are a few writers and editors I know who don't seem to suffer from this affliction, and they're pretty famous within the short story writing world. What must be going through their brains? How can they read something like, "I jus finished my newest [project] and sent it to my [editor/agent/whatever]. Can't wait to see they're reaction" and not be bothered? I, for example+, already edited this blog entry four times and I haven't++ posted it yet. My only question is, am I blessed, or cursed, or something in the middle? I like to pretend it'll help me in the long run,  but more likely it just means I'll obsess endlessly over minutia and never get anything done. So goes life.

* I just noticed I used "even" twice in two sentences, and it offends my eyes. I left it in as an example.
** This isn't a problem, yet, because I'm about as significant on Twitter as a grain of sand in the Sahara. My Tweet heart record is three, and I'm still proud of it!
+ Oh God...
++ Almost wrote another "even" here, but I couldn't allow it.

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