Monday, September 24, 2012

Currently I have 23 submissions out, two of which are in second rounds (one pro and one semi-pro), the rest of which are as silent as dust.

No word yet from Stupefying Stories about when my stories will be published, but a release year has been informally announced for my first pro sale, "Bittersweet Bedlam." Previously it was accepted to be published in Nameless Magazine, a very handsomely designed fledgling print and electronic mag (which you need to check out if you like dark fantasy and horror fiction, and art, and have an open mind about the cosmos). But since that acceptance letter the editor, Jason Brock, decided to publish it in his forthcoming anthology instead. According to Wikipedia, A Darke Phantastique: Encounters with the Uncanny and Other Magical Realities, is set for release in 2013. No specific date or TOC has been released yet, but I look forward to finding out both details myself!