Monday, December 17, 2012

Story sale

Penumbra Emag has picked up my story "A House in the Woods" for it's Ray Bradbury themed January 2013 issue. Very excited about that! This marks my second "pro-rate" sale, which is writer talk for markets that pay 5 cents or more a word. It'll be available from Penumbra, and I believe most major online retailers, including Here's a sneak peak of the cover:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Since my last update, Stupefying Stories has contacted me twice. Once to send me the editor's proof of Stupefying Stories 1.8 (where my story "Father Pace" was featured as the cover story), and once to let me know my sci-fi "Midnight Encounter" will will be published sometime in December, 2012.

I also received an acceptance from Space and Time Magazine for "In the Light of the Skeletal Moon." No word on when it'll be released, but hopefully sooner rather than later.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Currently I have 23 submissions out, two of which are in second rounds (one pro and one semi-pro), the rest of which are as silent as dust.

No word yet from Stupefying Stories about when my stories will be published, but a release year has been informally announced for my first pro sale, "Bittersweet Bedlam." Previously it was accepted to be published in Nameless Magazine, a very handsomely designed fledgling print and electronic mag (which you need to check out if you like dark fantasy and horror fiction, and art, and have an open mind about the cosmos). But since that acceptance letter the editor, Jason Brock, decided to publish it in his forthcoming anthology instead. According to Wikipedia, A Darke Phantastique: Encounters with the Uncanny and Other Magical Realities, is set for release in 2013. No specific date or TOC has been released yet, but I look forward to finding out both details myself!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Mr. Bruce Bethke, editor of the Stupefying Stories e-anthology series, emailed me yesterday and informed me that my contracts were in the mail. Very excited to hear that! Still not sure when they'll see a release date. And I imagine they'll all be appearing in different releases, so it may be a wait to see them all go live. These represent my first two sales of sci-fi, and my second sale of dark fantasy. As always, I'll update here when news becomes available.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Got my first pro contract a few days ago, and sent them in to editor Jason V. Brock of Cycatrix Press and [Nameless] Magazine fame. I don't feel at liberty to mention where it's going to be featured quite yet because I'm not sure the project has even been announced. Once it is I'll be sure to fill in the blanks!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Recent Short Story Sales!

Since December of last year, I've sold four stories to semi-pro and pro genre markets. Three stories went to the illustrious Stupefying Stories e-book anthology series, edited by sci-fi cyberpunk pioneer, Bruce Bethke. And one went to the fledgling print and e-book dark fantasy / horror magazine, Nameless Magazine, edited by writer/editor Jason V. Brock. I am very proud and honored to be affiliated with both publications. So far no release date has been set for my stories, but I'll be sure to post those dates as soon as I find out.