Monday, August 20, 2018

LeVar Burton Reads, and Updated Bibliography

"Multo" aired on Stitcher Premium's version of LeVar Burton Reads on the 14th of August. I listened to it with my family when we vacationed in San Diego last week. My siblings and I were all Reading Rainbow and Star Trek: The Next Generation fans, so it was pretty wild hearing the familiar words I wrote in LeVar's calm, distinctive voice. I might have used the phrase before, but this is "beyond bucket list"--mostly because I didn't even know this was a thing that could happen! The episode will air again, with ads, on the 21st on every podcast streaming service that offers LeVar's show. Hopefully his fans will like it.

I also updated my bibliography, just in case anyone is interested in other stories I wrote, including my distinctly Filipino lower mythology inspired stories: Servant of the Aswang, Pagpag, Everything Mimsy, and the forthcoming Devil on the Night Train.