Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Free to Read: The (Zeroes and) Ones We Love

You can now read the complete and uncut version of my story, "The (Zeroes and) Ones We Love," online at aresmagazine.com! This was the story that NY Times best-selling author David Farland once called humorous and "quite touching." Hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Sale: "A Ship to Heaven"

Excited to announce that my story, "A Ship to Heaven," was purchased by Stupefying Stories. Unlike my usual fare, this one is a rare breed of sci-fi and fantasy, with a dash of humor. Not sure when it'll drop, but expect to see it in ebook and in print!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sale: "Multo"

A while back I posted about a huge sale to an SFWA qualified market. Well, I finally signed the contract and had it counter-signed, and I'm ready to open up. That market was Apex Magazine! Yesterday and today I've been working with the staff (Lesley and Jason) to get the story ready for publication. The copy edits have been approved, my bio and pic are subbed, my payment preference noted. All things a go for January, 2015.

"Multo" was the first story I wrote that incorporated aspects of Filipino folklore and superstition. It may surprise some to know that, despite the Italian last name, I'm half Filipino and it means a lot that this story found a home at a great place like Apex!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

My "A Darke Phantastique" Contributor's Copy!

Cycatrix Press, headed by Jason V Brock and his wife Sunni, is a publisher to watch. I purchased a book from them before (The Devil's Coattails) and was floored by the quality of the publication and the stories. Needless to say, to actually be IN one of their releases would be an event to crow about. Enter A Darke Phantastique, which includes my story, "Bittersweet Bedlam."

For this one, I traveled up to Washington State to take part in the official signing party at the University Temple United Methodist Church, a venue of the University of Seattle. Throughout the night I had a chance to meet and greet all of the other contributors, including Sunni and Jason Brock, Wade German, Andrew S. Fuller, Nickolas Furr, William F. Nolan, Greg Bear, S. T. Joshi and W. H. Pugmire.

The two monoliths of genre fiction sat together.

Greg Bear made a point to come down the signing line and shake everyone's hand when he first arrived, and to say goodbye before he left. That's just a singular example of how great everyone was. I'll admit it: as dyed-in-the-wool introvert, I was a worried about being in the company of strangers. But with all of us united by the love of writing, I didn't feel at all out of place.

Special thanks to Olivia, who came to support me and take pictures, and to Chloe who--armed only with an Amber Brown book--did a darn fine job of letting me live the author's dream without a single word of complaint.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Sale: "Winter Fever"

I'm ecstatic to announce my story, "Winter Fever," sold to Shock Totem! I've been told to expect it out in issue #10 sometime next year. Shock Totem is one of the few markets I've been following since I started writing, before I ever even sold my first story. It's an absolute thrill and honor to have been selected, especially considering the caliber of stories that have been published by them before.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My "Darkfuse #2" Contributor's Copy!

Just got my copy of Darkfuse #2 which includes my story, "Splotch of Red." This is my third print publication of the year.

Why another picture? Because I can!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sale: "The Burden of Triumph"

Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show has accepted my story, "The Burden of Triumph." I'm told it will appear in the November issue as both text and an audio story. This marks my second SFWA qualifying story sale. Needless to say, I'm excited!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Writing Process Blog Tour

Michael Wehunt tagged me for the “Writing Process Blog Tour," a vastly talented, literary minded author who's done a lot of good work in the dark fiction world. His stories have appeared in places like Shock Totem, One Buck Horror and Crowded Magazine, and are forthcoming in markets like Cemetery Dance and Unlikely Stories. Check him out; you won't be disappointed.

What are you working on?

I'm currently working on a short story about a man who has lost the excitement of life and the hope of ever being happy. It's inspired by my experience working for the USPS--an organization that, in Dante terms, would probably fit somewhere around the fifth level of Hell--set in the modern world with fantasy elements. It's been a little difficult calling it done because I'm not sure if it wants to be first person or third person, present tense or past tense, finished or unfinished, a blessing or the bane of my existence. Decisions, decisions!

I have a lot of other stories in the works, too, at various levels of completion. From sentence fragments, to entire stories not yet ready to see the light of day.

How is your work different from others’ work in the same genre?

I try to write damn good stories that I love. What makes it different is that it emanates from my gut, my heart, my brain, and not the next guy's or girl's. We all live in the same world, but everyone sees things differently. These are my visions. Like 'em or lump 'em.

Why do you write what you do?

There's no one thing that can sum this question up. Suffice to say, it's an addiction and it doesn't hurt that it's a hellava lot of fun to boot. 

How does your writing process work?

I'm a pantser most of the time, which is to say I don't have a clear idea of what I'm creating until the story's finished. I let the characters, environment and context determine what occurs, but I'm also subconsciously aware of pacing, atmosphere, and the ideas and feelings I'm trying to convey.

Sometimes I use prompts (a picture, a phrase, or a video) to inspire me. Sometimes I outline if I have a basic idea of what I want to accomplish. When I'm stuck, I'll usually try reading a story in the same genre with the same approach. That is to say, if I'm working on a first-person, present-tense horror story, then I'll read a first-person, present-tense horror story. That way I can see how other writers tackle similar problems that come up.

If that doesn't work, I may just sit and think, or work on something else. Anything to put pixels onto Word docs.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"So Praise Him" released in That Ain't Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley

On August 31st, That Ain't Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley was released on Kindle and paperback. This Lovecraft-inspired anthology features 18 tales set in the witch-haunted hills of New England, including my story, "So Praise Him." Here's the full TOC:

  • "Come Down, Ma Evening Star" - Sanford Allen
  • "Hostel Night" - Brandon Barrows
  • "Arkquarium" - Folly Blaine
  • "In Defense of Professor Falcrovet" - Darin M. Bush
  • "Ride into the Echo of Another Life" - Kelda Crich
  • "Goat" - Nathan Crowder
  • "Dr. Circe and the Shadow over Swedish Innsmouth" - Erik Scott de Bie
  • "The Pull of the Sea" - Sean Frost
  • "The Ghost Circus" Phil Gonzales
  • "The Reservoir" - Brian Hamilton
  • "So Praise Him" - Samuel Marzioli
  • "A Dog Named Shallow: The Testimony of Lilya Redmond" - Erick Mertz
  • "The Crumbling of Old Walls" - Craig D. B. Patton
  • "August and Autumn" - Jenna M. Pitman
  • "Passenger" - Evan Purcell
  • "The Hill" - Damir Salkovic
  • "A Matter of Scale" - Emily C. Skaftun
  • "The Laughing Book" - Cliff Winnig

Monday, August 4, 2014

Free fiction from Penumbra eMag!

Musa Publishing has released all Volume 2 issues of Penumbra for FREE! Here's a list of issues that include my stories:

Ray Bradbury issue - "A House in the Woods" (fantasy)

Zombie Apocalypse issue - "Midnight Visitors" (dark fantasy)

H.G. Wells issue - "Burning Men" (science fiction)

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

"The (Zeroes and) Ones We Love" released by Ares Magazine

After a few months of unexpected delays, Ares Magazine's inaugural issue has finally shipped. Yesterday, I got my copy in the mail and, boy, is it something! Everything about it smacks of quality, from the graphics, to the layout, to the paper stock itself. Consider me a happy contributor.

Ares Magazine features an original playable tabletop game, articles and, most importantly, original fiction in every issue. Here's the TOC for the fiction:

The Zeroes and Ones We Love by Samuel Marzioli
Frojo by Eric Juneau
Man Alone by Drew Arrants
Neanderthal Sunset by A.J. Onia
Darklanders by Matthew Wuertz
The Race by John Buentello and Lawrence Buentello
Disruption of Destiny by Gerri Leen
Salt by Aaron Gallagher
The Fall pt 1 by Kenneth Steven.

Copies of the issue, and subscriptions, can be ordered through their publisher's website: One Small Step Store.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Splotch of Red" released by Darkfuse

I'm pleased to announce that Darkfuse #2 is now available on Kindle. Here's the TOC, including my story "Splotch of Red":

“Nether Goole” by Richard Farren Barber
“Imago” by F. Charles Murdock
“The Betting Man” by Michael A. Pignatella
“Splotch of Red” by Samuel Marzioli
“Pink Denim” by Brady Golden
“The Eldritch Eye” by Tim Curran

A limited edition HB will be released on August 26th. They are only going to print enough to cover pre-orders so don't wait if you plan to own one! Darkfuse is a class act so the HB is bound to be a thing of beauty! Pre-orders can be made here.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Sale: "The Feast of Father Gorger"

I'm pleased to announce my story, "The Feast of Father Gorger," will appear in Postscripts to Darkness #6. The anthology is due out in the first half of 2015. I'll post more information as it comes.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Sale: "So Praise Him"

On Mother's Day, I made a sale that I decided to keep mum about until the deal was finalized. Well, today, I signed the contract so I'm opening the floodgates of information! My story, "So Praise Him," a Lovecraft inspired horror short set in Arkham Massachusetts, sold to That Ain't Right anthology. It'll be available as a limited edition paperback and e-book.

From their Kickstarter description: "That Ain't Right: Historical Accounts of the Miskatonic Valley will collect letters, anecdotes, newspaper articles, and other narratives from the very people who live in this sinister little corner of Massachusetts. From the bustling college town of Arkham to the rickety piers of Innsmouth."

Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Cover for Ares Magazine #1

Ares unveiled their newest cover for their debut, and it's a beautiful thing. My story is second on the left side. According to their Facebook, the issue was late to print, so there will be a delay in shipping out the first issue.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

New story sale!

Today, I woke up to an acceptance from a major pro publication! All I can say at this point is that it's SFWA qualified, and it's one of my top five favorite markets for dark fiction. I'll tell more when I get that contract signed--which may be several months judging by the language of the acceptance letter.

Monday, April 7, 2014

The cover for A Darke Phantastique

The cover for the anthology A Darke Phantastique has been posted online. It's tentatively slated for May, 2014, and will include my story, "Bittersweet Bedlam." Pre-orders have already started.

"An incredible new anthology of all unpublished or new horror and science fiction, poetry, and scripts that collide with Magical Realism; this volume will break new ground with its take on the literature of the fantastic."

Here's the TOC:

1. "Redaction" by Gary A. Braunbeck
2. "Creaking Earth" by Richard Gavin
3. "Kudzu" by Lucy A. Snyder
4. "Descartar" by S. J. Chambers
5. "The Claim" by Erinn L. Kemper
6. "Three Fables: 1) The Fiction Lover, 2) In the Hood, 3) Krustallos" by E. E. King
7. "Him" by Ian Futter (Poetry)
8. "Water Over Stone" by W. H. Pugmire (Poetry)
9. "The Weight Lost" by Steve Rasnic Tem
10. "Michael the Monster" by Paul Kane
11. "Apples and Peaches" by Gio Clairval
12. "Prince of Lyghes" by Anya Martin
13. "Breakfast in Tasmania" by Dennis Etchison
14. "'Selected Poems'" by Marge Simon (Poetry)
15. "Down the Hatch" by Jonathan Thomas
16. "Timbrel and Pipe" by Melanie Tem
17. "Darkness" by Nancy Kilpatrick
18. "Dust Made of Words" by Cody Goodfellow
19. "Old Enough to Drink" by Lois Gresh
20. "Homo Suicidus" by JG Faherty
21. "The Lizard Man Dispatches" by Ray Garton
22. "The Case of the Four Acre Haunt" by Joe R. Lansdale
23. "Genius" by Greg Bear (Teleplay)
24. "'You’ll Reach There in Time'" by S. T. Joshi
25. "The Last Witch" by William F. Nolan
26. "A Darke Phantastique" by Jason V Brock
27. "Out of the Blue, and Into the Black" by Sunni K Brock
28. "Charles Out of La-La Land" by Bruce Taylor
29. "The Fine Art of Courage" by Weston Ochse
30. "'In Your Dark'" by Jason Maurer
31. "Picasso and the Satyr" by Ralph Sevush
32. "Phoenix on the Orange River" by Tom Conoboy
33. "Paper and Pencil, Skin and Ink" by Chris Marrs
34. "Bittersweet Bedlam" by Sam Marzioli
35. "The Wisest Stone and the Zoo" by Nathaniel Lee
36. "In the Wardrobe" by Nickolas Furr
37. "Immigrant" by Andrew S. Fuller
38. "Lovecraft's Pillow" by Don Webb
39. "The Outsiders" by J. C. Koch
40. "Promise to Nessie" by Jerry Airth
41. "Forgetting" by Misty Dahl
42. "Birth of an Apocalypse" by Lawrence Van Hoof
43. "Buddha Circus" by Derek K√ľnsken
44. "I Keep the Dark That is Your Pain" by Wendy Rathbone
45. "Real Live Lobsters" by D. T. Kastn
46. "Transformations at the Inn of the Golden Pheasant" by Gene O'Neill
47. "Lords of Chaos" by Wade German (Poetry)

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

"Shock" released today by Bastion Science Fiction Magazine

Bastion's first issue hit the digital newsstands this month, and in it my story, "Shock." It's available in Kindle and ePub. This was a great market to work with, and I wish their magazine the best!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

1500 Visits!

A few days ago my blog just broke 1500 visits! I'm entirely open to the possibility that half of those are mine--even though I told Blogger not to track me--and my closest relatives. Still!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Reprint Sale: "Smart Money"

Toasted Cake has accepted my story, "Smart Money," for their weekly podcast. Perfect for those who want a fast bit of entertainment for their morning or evening commutes, or on the jog. "Smart Money" originally appeared in Stupefying Stories Showcase #1. No word yet on when it'll be released.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sale: Splotch of Red

Yesterday, I received word my dark fantasy "Splotch of Red" sold to DarkFuse Anthology, an e-book and limited edition HB series. There's still no planned released date, but I'll update my blog as soon as I hear. What I do know is that DarkFuse is a class act with fantastic releases. I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out!

Sunday, March 2, 2014

"Servant of the Aswang" released today by Penumbra eMag

My story, "Servant of the Aswang," was released yesterday in Penumbra's A Night at the Villa Diodati themed issue. I haven't gotten my contributor copy yet, but I'm under the impression this will be an awesome set of creature stories, from the rare and unheard up, to the absolutely fabricated. My story is a dark fantasy set in modern-day Philippines. It's available for purchase for $3.99 in PDF here.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The cover for Penumbra's March 2014 issue

The Penumbra eMag cover for March has been posted online. This "A Night at the Villa Diodati" themed issue will include my story "Servant of the Aswang." Hat tip to Michael Haynes who will be sharing the TOC with me!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sale: Servant of the Aswang

I'm pleased to announce the sale of "Servant of the Aswang" to Penumbra eMag. I'm particularly proud of this story because it incorporates what is called the lower mythology of the Philippines. Being half Filipino, it's a subject I've been interested in for quite some time and I'm proud to be able to present a unique aspect of Filipino culture to the English speaking world. The fact that it's through Penumbra, one of the finest genre mags out there, only makes it that much more thrilling.

This marks my second sale of the year, and my fourth overall to Penumbra. Time to celebrate by writing a new story!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sale: Stanley P. Strauss, Destroyer of the Universe

I just signed a contract with Stupefying Stories for my humorous sci-fi, "Stanley P. Strauss, Destroyer of the Universe." No official word on when it'll appear, but there's a rumor going around that it'll make its debut in a forthcoming Showcase very soon.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tangent Online 2013 Recommended Reading List

Two of my stories made the Tangent Online 2013 Recommended Reading List. They are: "A House in the Woods" (Penumbra Vol 2 Issue 4), and "Burning Men" (Penumbra Vol 2 Issue 9). The short story writing world is a small place, with countless brilliant authors. With that kind of stiff competition around it's nice to be noticed.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ares Magazine Kickstarter

Ares Magazine is a fledgling market, featuring a full-size (8.5" x 11") print magazine that includes 80 pages of fiction and other content. It will wrap around a complete and ready-to-play board game made uniquely for each issue. Best of all (in my humble opinion), the inaugural issue will feature my story "The (Zeroes and) Ones We Love," a 3.5K word sci-fi about robots, parenthood, and more! The magazine will be released in whole or in part (game and magazine, magazine-only, game-only, e-book version) to satisfy the needs of every reader / gamer. Check out their video:

And donate to their Kickstarter here to make this awesome new project come to life!