Monday, April 7, 2014

The cover for A Darke Phantastique

The cover for the anthology A Darke Phantastique has been posted online. It's tentatively slated for May, 2014, and will include my story, "Bittersweet Bedlam." Pre-orders have already started.

"An incredible new anthology of all unpublished or new horror and science fiction, poetry, and scripts that collide with Magical Realism; this volume will break new ground with its take on the literature of the fantastic."

Here's the TOC:

1. "Redaction" by Gary A. Braunbeck
2. "Creaking Earth" by Richard Gavin
3. "Kudzu" by Lucy A. Snyder
4. "Descartar" by S. J. Chambers
5. "The Claim" by Erinn L. Kemper
6. "Three Fables: 1) The Fiction Lover, 2) In the Hood, 3) Krustallos" by E. E. King
7. "Him" by Ian Futter (Poetry)
8. "Water Over Stone" by W. H. Pugmire (Poetry)
9. "The Weight Lost" by Steve Rasnic Tem
10. "Michael the Monster" by Paul Kane
11. "Apples and Peaches" by Gio Clairval
12. "Prince of Lyghes" by Anya Martin
13. "Breakfast in Tasmania" by Dennis Etchison
14. "'Selected Poems'" by Marge Simon (Poetry)
15. "Down the Hatch" by Jonathan Thomas
16. "Timbrel and Pipe" by Melanie Tem
17. "Darkness" by Nancy Kilpatrick
18. "Dust Made of Words" by Cody Goodfellow
19. "Old Enough to Drink" by Lois Gresh
20. "Homo Suicidus" by JG Faherty
21. "The Lizard Man Dispatches" by Ray Garton
22. "The Case of the Four Acre Haunt" by Joe R. Lansdale
23. "Genius" by Greg Bear (Teleplay)
24. "'You’ll Reach There in Time'" by S. T. Joshi
25. "The Last Witch" by William F. Nolan
26. "A Darke Phantastique" by Jason V Brock
27. "Out of the Blue, and Into the Black" by Sunni K Brock
28. "Charles Out of La-La Land" by Bruce Taylor
29. "The Fine Art of Courage" by Weston Ochse
30. "'In Your Dark'" by Jason Maurer
31. "Picasso and the Satyr" by Ralph Sevush
32. "Phoenix on the Orange River" by Tom Conoboy
33. "Paper and Pencil, Skin and Ink" by Chris Marrs
34. "Bittersweet Bedlam" by Sam Marzioli
35. "The Wisest Stone and the Zoo" by Nathaniel Lee
36. "In the Wardrobe" by Nickolas Furr
37. "Immigrant" by Andrew S. Fuller
38. "Lovecraft's Pillow" by Don Webb
39. "The Outsiders" by J. C. Koch
40. "Promise to Nessie" by Jerry Airth
41. "Forgetting" by Misty Dahl
42. "Birth of an Apocalypse" by Lawrence Van Hoof
43. "Buddha Circus" by Derek K√ľnsken
44. "I Keep the Dark That is Your Pain" by Wendy Rathbone
45. "Real Live Lobsters" by D. T. Kastn
46. "Transformations at the Inn of the Golden Pheasant" by Gene O'Neill
47. "Lords of Chaos" by Wade German (Poetry)


  1. Congrats, Samuel! That is some fine company to be in, and well-deserved, I'm sure. I look forward to checking it out. Keep rocking it!

  2. Thanks, Lee! I wrote this story back when I first started writing (early 2012) and sold it to Jason soon after. I haven't dared look at it since.