Short Story Publications

"Penelope's Song" - The 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories, October 2016 (buy)
-reprinted by FarFetched Fables Podcast, January 2018 (listen)
"Pagpag" - Apex Magazine #89, October 2016 (buy/read)
-reprinted by Tales to Terrify Podcast, May 2018 (listen)
"Midnight, San Francisco" - Stupefying Stories Showcase, September 2016 (read)
"The Last Great Failing of the Light" - Myriad Lands: Volume 2: Beyond the Edge, July 2016 (buy)
"Winter Fever" - Shock Totem #10, March 6, 2016 (buy)
"Multo" (reprint) - Best of Apex Magazine Vol. 1, January 2016 (buy)
"The Silence and the Worm" - Selfies From the End of the World, September 2015 (buy)
"Love in the Time of Alien Invasion" - Perihelion Science Fiction Magazine, August 12, 2015 (OOP)
"A Thing in All My Things - Urban Fantasy Magazine #10, August 2015 (OOP)
-reprinted by Pseudopod Podcast, June 2017 (listen)
"Ghosts of the Imperial" - SFComet, May 2015 (read)
-Chinese translation (read)
"The Feast of Father Gorger" - Postscripts to Darkness #6, May 2015 (buy)
"In the Light of the Skeletal Moons" - Space and Time Magazine #123, April 2015 (buy)
"Kentucky Rush" - Acidic Fiction, April 22nd, 2015 (read)
-Reprinted in Acidic Fiction #2: Toxic Tales (Volume 2) (buy)
"Multo" - Apex Magazine #68, January 2015 (read / buy)
-Voted Apex Story of the Year for 2015.
-Reprinted by The Overcast podcast (listen)
-Reprinted in the Best of Apex Magazine Vol. 1 (buy)
-Reprinted in Apex Magazine 2015 Sampler (buy)
-Reprinted by Expanded Horizons, August 2016 (read)
-Reprinted by LeVar Burton Reads (pending)
"The Burden of Triumph" - OSC's Intergalactic Medicine Show, November 2014 (subscribe)
-One-starred story on the Tangent Online 2014 Recommended Reading List
"Bittersweet Bedlam" - A Darke Phantastique, Cycatrix Press, November 2014 (buy)
"So Praise Him" - That Ain't Right Anthology, October 2014 (buy)
-A version reprinted in Largely Deceased: Digital Horror Fiction Anthology (Digital Horror Fiction Series One Book 1), July 2016 (buy
-A version reprinted in So Praise Him: Digital Horror Fiction Short Story (Digital Fiction Short Story), June 2016 (buy)
-Reprinted by the No Sleep Podcast, February 2018 (listen)
"The (Zeroes and) Ones We Love" - Ares Magazine #1, July 2014 (OOP)
"Splotch of Red" - Darkfuse Anthology #2, June 2014 (OOP)
"Shock" - Bastion Science Fiction Magazine #1, April 2014 (buy)
"Servant of the Aswang" - Penumbra eMag Vol. 3, #6, March 2014 (OOP)
-Two-starred story on the Tangent Online 2014 Recommended Reading List
-Reprinted by Pseudopod podcast (listen)
-Reprinted in Ténèbres Anthology (2017)
"Stanley P. Strauss, Destroyer of the Universe" - Stupefying Stories Showcase #14, February 2014 (read)
"Smart Money" - Stupefying Stories Showcase #1, June 2013 (read)
-Reprinted by the Toasted Cake podcast (listen)
-Reprinted in Evil Girlfriend Media Shorts (read)
"Burning Men" - Penumbra eMag Vol. 2, #9, June 2013 (OOP)
-Two-starred story on the Tangent Online 2013 Recommended Reading List
-Reprinted in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology (OOP)
-A version reprinted in the Sci Phi Journal, August 2016 (read)
"Midnight Visitors" - Penumbra eMag Vol. 2, #5, February 2013 (OOP)
-Reprinted in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology (OOP)
"A House on the Hillside" - Penumbra eMag Vol. 2, #4, January 2013 (OOP)
-Two-starred story on the Tangent Online 2013 Recommended Reading List
- Reprinted in the 2014 Campbellian Anthology (OOP)
"Father Pace" - Stupefying Stories 1.8, October 2012 (OOP)
"A Void in the Fireplace" - State of Horror: California, Rymfire eBooks, Oct 7th, 2011 (OOP)
"Grandma Plim" - SAM Publishing, 2008 (OOP)
- Illustrated by Evan Derian

Other Publications:

"Servant of the Aswang" (reprint / French Translation) - Ténèbres 2017, January 2017 (buy)

"A Mundane Encounter With a Civilized God" - Intergalactic Medicine Show, February 2017 (sample)

"Servant of the Aswang" (reprint) - Apex Magazine, February 2017 (buy/read)

"Love in the Time of Alien Invasion" (reprint) - Fantastic Stories of the Imagination, April 2017 (buy)

"She Who Would Rip the Sky Asunder" (audio drama adaptation) - Redshift Podcast, May 2017 (listen)

"Behind the Walls" - Single Slices, August 2017 (buy)

"Everything Mimsy" - Fell Beasts and Fair: A Noblebright Fantasy Anthology, March 2018 (buy)

"A Pocket of Madness" - Digital Horror Fiction, March 2018 (buy)


"Multo" (audio reprint) - (LeVar Burton Reads) - 2018

"Hollow Skulls" - Tales From the Lake vol. 5 - 2018

"Symphony of the Night" - (TBA) - 2019

"Devil on the Night Train" - (TBA) - 2019

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