Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Splotch of Red" released by Darkfuse

I'm pleased to announce that Darkfuse #2 is now available on Kindle. Here's the TOC, including my story "Splotch of Red":

“Nether Goole” by Richard Farren Barber
“Imago” by F. Charles Murdock
“The Betting Man” by Michael A. Pignatella
“Splotch of Red” by Samuel Marzioli
“Pink Denim” by Brady Golden
“The Eldritch Eye” by Tim Curran

A limited edition HB will be released on August 26th. They are only going to print enough to cover pre-orders so don't wait if you plan to own one! Darkfuse is a class act so the HB is bound to be a thing of beauty! Pre-orders can be made here.

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