Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sales and releases from January to March, 2016

I've been a bit slow on the update, but I plan to fix that now. First, sales:

Pseudopod Podcast accepted a second story from me, this one a slighter piece entitled, "A Thing in All My Things." It originally appeared in Urban Fantasy Magazine. Really looking forward to hearing this one read, but we'll have to wait until at least 2017 for that.

Apex Magazine picked up my story, "Pagpag." This is the third of three stories I wrote that were inspired by Filipino folklore and urban legend and I couldn't be more pleased! The first, "Servant of the Aswang," originally appeared in Penumbra eMag and was recently released on audio by Pseudopod. The second, "Multo, originally appeared in Apex Magazine, was reprinted in The Best of Apex Magazine Vol. 1, was voted Apex Story of the Year for 2015, and was released on audio by The Overcast. No word, yet, when "Pagpag" will be released, but the contract has been signed. Can't wait to see what people think!

Guardbridge Books has accepted my story "The Last Great Failing of the Light," a dark second world fantasy, for their Myriad Lands anthology. Contract signed and already working on edits!


The Best of Apex Magazine Vol. 1, including my story "Multo."

Pseudopod #480, featuring my story "Servant of the Aswang."

Shock Totem #10, including my story, "Winter Fever."

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